Our History

HPS’ presence in Europe was formally established in 2013 with the completed acquisition of two Italy-based companies: EUROELETTRO and Marnate Trasformatori. By combining these companies, HPS has expanded its European presence and broadened its product offering and manufacturing capabilities in cast resin technology.


EUROELETTRO was founded in 1990 applying the technical, productive and organizational skills and knowledge acquired by its current owners in over 20 years in the sector.
The company’s office and manufacturing facility is in Sarego, province of Vicenza, in Italy. This 18000 m2 facility has 4000 m2 of dedicated production area and 900 m2 is assigned to technical staff and executive offices.

EUROELETTRO is focused on the design, construction and marketing of low and medium voltage magnetic components, with powers up to 4 MVA for operations such as telecommunication systems, naval constructions, power electronics, nuclear power stations and offshore constructions.

Customer service is a top priority that drove the deployment of an integrated management system covering all business functions and has yielded a level of automation of the whole process — from design to production to testing and finally, logistics.

The strength of EUROELETTRO’s organization, along with their certified, quality assurance system have been the basis for their guarantee of delivery and reliability. The automated process control and the maintenance of high-quality standards for all the components produced has enabled the company to grow quickly and to scale up production as needed.

On March 14, 2011, EUROELETTRO was acquired by Hammond Power Solutions.

Marnate Trasformatori History

Marnate Trasformatori was founded in 2004 applying the technical, productive and organizational skills and knowledge acquired by the founders over 30 years in the transformer business. The industry experience of its owners and the talent of the builders, technical and commercial staff has allowed MT to establish a decade of excellence in this electrical industry. In 2005, MT  qualified for the quality system ISO 9001:2008.

The company’s 3600 moffice and manufacturing facility is in Marnate, province of Varese, in Italy. This 18000 mfacility has 4000 m2 of dedicated production area and 900 m2 is assigned to technical staff and executive offices.

Marnate Trasformatori produces top quality cast resin transformers at a competitive price.

On February 12, 2013, Marnate Trasformatori was acquired by Hammond Power Solutions.

HPS History

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS), originally known as O.S. Hammond and Son, was established in 1917 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada by Oliver Hammond to build various tools for the foundry industry. O.S. Hammond and Son began making tube radio sets, battery chargers and other related products between 1919 and 1927.  Their philosophy for quality and success was simple: “Build the product like you were going to use it yourself.” Oliver passed away in 1925 and his four eldest sons took over the business. It was in 1927 that the company changed their name to Hammond Manufacturing; along with the name change came other transformations. At this time, the Hammond family changed their focus from radios to transformers and filter chokes for broadcast transmitters and AC radio sets.

With the start of World War II in 1939, Hammond started to build specialized transformers and reactors for military communication and radar equipment. Almost overnight, the company grew from under 50 employees to over 300 to satisfy the critical surge in demand for transformers.

old radios

In 2001, Hammond Manufacturing officially became two companies.  Rob Hammond headed Hammond Manufacturing, which manufactures electrical enclosures, electronic packaging, power bars and electronic transformers. Bill Hammond renamed his transformer division Hammond Power Solutions, which manufactures custom and catalog transformers and related magnetics. This reorganization has enabled both companies to pursue their strategic goals independently, providing an orderly succession to the next generation of the Hammond family and an opportunity to create increased enterprise and shareholder value. Behind the Hammond name is a rich history spanning over 90 years.

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