Industrial Top

HPS manufactures transformers and inductors for a large variety of industrial applications.


Typical applications include opencast or tunnel mines and boring machines.  The transformer enclosure must be airtight and explosion-proof to provide protection against aggressive environmental factors, as well as provide a cooling system to dissipate the losses.  In this case, HPS transformers ensure a superb level of proven reliability with a remarkable reference list.  For harsh environment applications, HPS provides a high degree of product customization in order to meet specific and strict requirements.

Heavy Industry:

Typical applications include aluminum smelters, steel mills, paper mills, etc.  Transformers for such applications require a high level of protection against corrosion, humidity and dust.  HPS provides an excellent  engineering and customized solution for the most challenging needs.

Chemical and Petrochemical Plants:

Typical applications include galvanic lines, oil pumping and gasifying base stations.  Transformers need to have a high level of protection against corrosion, humidity, dust and high current (50KA).  Rectifier transformers are used with 12 or more pulses utilizing air forced and IP protection up to 56.  HPS provides an optimal level of technical understanding and specific solutions for the most demanding applications.


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