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HPS has experience in marine and offshore power supplies on auxiliary, control and propulsion systems.  HPS dry-type transformers are the safest solution for providing the required energy to ships and platforms.  The need to generate increasing amounts of electric power aboard ships and the significant development of solid state devices has led to the use of electrical propulsion and auxiliary services.  These systems require special dry-type transformers for the saline atmosphere and a high degree of security to avoid risks.  Special dry-type transformers can be found in the auxiliary services for electricity supplied by on-board generators that must be transformed and distributed to the various utilities inside the vessel.  Of these, static converters require transformers and inductors for power factor correction and harmonic reduction.

HPS has the experience and knowledge for drilling thrusters and distribution transformers on oil and gas platforms.  The IP44-IP56 transformers AF cooling systems guarantee a substantially longer life due to the optimized control of the internal temperature.

HPS dry-type transformers for marine and offshore applications are designed, manufactured and approved by marine standards including ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, RINA, and Lloyd’s shipping register.

HPS products have been recognized on military naval applications by demanding tests of certificate institutes (i.e. CETENA approval) which check the resistance to vibrations, collisions, shocks (30G), etc.

*New*  – HPS is excited to announce the launch of our new Water Cooled Transformer.  Click here to learn more and view the product specifications.

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