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The power circuits that supply substations and auxiliary services for railway and subway (trains, metros and trams) make extensive use of transformers and inductors at the input or output of static converters.  In order to insulate and protect these components that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, magnetic components are applied.  The basic requirements of these magnetic components involve compact size, reduced weight, mechanical sturdiness, low noise level, high reliability and the use of self-extinguishing materials.

HPS transformers and inductors used for substations are designed for overload cycles and rectifier harmonics.  The task of auxiliary services for railway vehicles is to power the various utilities installed in the carriages such as compressors, lighting, and heating and air-conditioning systems with a low-voltage supply.


HPS transformers and inductors are designed for power conversion, control and auxilitary equipment for airports.  The transformers for auxiliary services are applied in particular on powering all kinds of airfield lighting (runway, taxiway, heliport lights and signs).  These components are designed for medium voltage (up to 24kV), low power, high overload capability, and are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.  The main requirements for these components are reliability and safety.

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