HPS has expertise in several technology types for constructing the most optimal products.

VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation)

HPS VPI transformers and reactors are subject to a resin impregnation process for protective and insulation purposes.

This critical and diligent process provides the guarantee to the long-term integrity of the dielectric properties and the transformers performance.

11 FVPI Process

Coils are placed in a sealed tank with a vacuumed atmosphere.

The impregnation resin is then introduced into the chamber and the coils or assembly, and is then completely immersed in the impregnation resin.

The coils or assembly are removed from the chamber and oven-cured.

VPI Technology Strengths

The main strengths of HPS’ VPI technology are:

  • Efficient production process
  • Great behaviour for high-load variations
  • Possibility to use up to class 220°C materials
  • High possibility to customize the construction in regards to overall dimensions

Cast Coil Technology

The Cast Coil transformers have one or more coils that are completely immersed into a solid epoxy resin.

This construction allows the transformer to have the maximum protection of the coils from dust, humidity and corrosive atmospheres.

The strength of the resin allows the design of medium voltage transformers to have reduced overall dimensions.Cast Coil Transformer2

Casting Process

Coils are placed in a mold and the resin is added under vacuumed atmosphere.

The coils are then removed from the chamber and oven-cured.

Cast Coil Technology Strengths

The main strengths of HPS’ Cast Coil technology are:

  • Extremely high coils protection
  • Reduced overall size of medium voltage coils
  • Minimal maintenance
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