HPS warrants the Products for twelve (12) months from the delivery to the Buyer and, in any case, not over thirteen (13) months from the declaration that the goods are ready for the delivery.

The warranty is restricted to the parts of the Products manufactured completely by HPS, who declines every liability for every damage deriving from the Products or third parties activities.

The warranty doesn’t include the parts of the Products subject to wear and the defects derived from a wrong installation and/or use and/or assembling of the Products, the activities performed by persons not charged by HPS and, in any case, the variations and/or repair performed by thirds without HPS’ prior written consent or derived from the normal worsening of the parts of the Products.

The warranty ceases if the Buyer does not respect the deadlines and the ways of payment, the use of instructions and servicing even if normal for products of the same sector and when the Products are used for nonstandard applications to their normal use and / or in a different way from the technical specs.

The Buyer decays from the warranty right in case of use of non original replacement parts.

During the warranty period, the Buyer bears the expenses for the return to HPS’ main office of the parts to be repaired, of the eventual repairs made on site, the expenses for travel, lodging and transport in the site where are the HPS’ technician, if requested.

At the end of the warranty period, no claim might be brought forward HPS regarding thee assumed defects of conformity.

The warranty covers the cost of the material for the repair or the substitution of the defective parts, that must be sent back to the HPS’ office (at Buyer’s expenses) for the necessary inspection.

The warranty ceases in case of operation or installation not consistent with the HPS’ suggestion, of deficient upkeep, of alteration of the safety devices, of the reparations made by thirds or by the Buyer without the prior written authorization of HPS.

The warranty doesn’t cover the normal worsening of the Products, the faults or damages during the transport (except if it was at HPS charge), the warehousing at the Buyer or the assembling.

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