DC Smoothing Reactor

up to 2,5 MVAR, 10kA, 24kV

DC smoothing reactor-DC Choke 5000A

HPS offers the possibility to design and build a vast range of DC smoothing reactors.

These reactors are intended to be connected in DC systems to filter the flow of harmonic currents, and to reduce the current rise on failures.

HPS can supply both air-core and steel-core DC smoothing reactors for many different applications.

Diligent tests conducted on these products, such as vibration tests, light impulse tests and heavy ambient withstand, have certified the superior quality of HPS DC Smoothing Reactors.

With an accurate process of characteristics made in cooperation with the customer, it is possible to comply with the requirement of many different systems.

DC Smoothing Reactors are used in the following industries:

Renewable Energy
Drive and Automation
Marine and Offshore