HPS Water Cooled Transformers

up to 10MVA, 36kV class

Where the dissipation of heat is an important factor (ie. ship and marine applications), the possibility to cool the electrical apparatus with water allows better management with the cooling systems.

HPS offers a wide range of transformers for medium voltage systems installed into IP44 or metal enclosures with air-water heat exchangers.

This technology can be used to transformers for every type of application:  drive transformers, distribution transformers, isolation transformers and more.

All water-cooled transformers produced by HPS can be certified by ship and naval certification bodies directly in HPS’ testing department.

HPS’s Water-Cooled Transformers are used in these industries:

Drive and Automation
Marine and Offshore

  • Power: Up to 10MVA
  • Technology: VPI or Cast Resin
  • Voltage: Up to 36kV class
  • Environmental, climatic and fire classes: E2, C2, F1
  • Conductor material: Copper or Aluminum
  • Protection degree: IP44 (IP54 on request)
  • Cooling system: AFWF (Air forced / Water forced)
  • Type of cooling liquid: Fresh water or sea water
  • Heat exchangers: 1 or 2 units
  • Transformer solutions for: Standard distribution or for frequency converter (2, 3, 4 or 5 windings transformer for 6/12/18/24-pulse applications)
  • Conformance to standards: IEC 60076-11 (main), others upon request

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