Control & Automation

HPS offers a line of control & automation products

HPS offers a wide range of Transformers for Power Converters designed to supply power converters including 6-pulse converters, 12-pulse converters, 18-pulse converters, 24-pulse converters, etc..

Motor starting autotransformers guarantee high performance in terms of the ability to withstand high current and voltage variations in all the different configurations of starting systems.

With the support of simulation software, harmonics filters made with HPS reactors guarantee the compliance of requirements and a high withstand to transient voltages and resonant frequencies.

AC filter reactors are able to extend the life of switching components and motors by minimizing the harmonic distortion and reducing line notching.

DC smoothing reactors are intended to be connected in DC systems to filter the flow of harmonic currents, and to reduce the current rise on failures.

Damping reactors for capacitors banks are designed to be installed in series with shunt connected capacitor banks.